Operation Paradiso

Agents, thank you for being here tonight. This is a great honor, as you’ve been hand selected for this operation.

OBJECTIVE: Gather intel on The Grand Paradiso Nightclub and those who run it.

The FBI has it on good authority that the Paradiso is being used by the Bonnano Crime Family as a front for an active drug ring, but we need proof before we can make the bust.

Our agents on the inside have already bugged three of key players who will be able to get close to club management. You’ll be provided special agent headphones to tune into their secret conversations.

Your job is to listen and mingle with them to gather as much information as possible.  

A Few of Our Killer Clients



These three individuals will be wearing wires throughout the evening, attempting to get information from the key players at the club.

Move between channels to listen in on their conversations.

Name: Tina Queen
Paradiso Club Dancer
Connection: Recent hire at the Paradiso
Channel: Blue

Name: Rick Rockwell
Connection: Worked for the Paradiso 2.5 years / Recently fired
Channel: Red

Name: Olivia Sparkles
Occupation: Actress
Connection: Nightlife Personality / Ex-Girlfriend to Club Manager, Rameses
Channel: Green 


These are the ones to watch.

We are not sure who exactly is pulling the strings around here, but we have our eyes on these four.

Name: Ramses
The Grand Paradiso Manager
Items of Note: Notorious ladies man, seems to jump from woman to woman. Suspected kingpin. 

Name: Tony “The Tiger” Marino
Occupation: Entrepreneur, suspected Angel investor in The Paradiso
Items of Note: Reported ties to the Bonnano Crime Family. It’s rumored that he fronted the money to get the Paradiso built.

Name: Margot “The Mouth” Martinez
Occupation: PR Agent
Items of Note: Has been representing The Paradiso since it opened three years ago. Many who are in the know say that she is the one actually running things around here.

Name: Penny Lane
Occupation: Shot Girl
Items of Note: The current girlfriend of Rameses. Rumored that he left Olivia Sparkles for her. Seems to have him wrapped around her finger. Is she more powerful than we are led to believe?

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