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Broadway Murder Mysteries is conducting a National talent search for Murder Mystery Party Hosts in all major US cities! 

Our Hosts, who act as part Emcee and part Detective, work with us on a freelance basis to host murder mystery parties for our clients and ensure they have a killer time!

Our Party Planner takes care of all the booking and coordination details so that Hosts can show up to the party ready to kick off the festivities in character as one of our Lead Detectives.

If you’re hired as a Host, we’ll provide you with the necessary training to be able to confidently host any of our parties, as well as offer optional sales training for you to increase your income potential by learning how to book parties on your own.


Anytime we book a party in your city, we’ll reach out to you with the opportunity to host. We’ll let you know what theme the group is playing and provide you with the Host Guide for that game which you’ll have available at the event. The Host Guide includes all the instructions for hosting the game for the group, as well as the script that you’ll be reading as the Lead Detective.

All our themes are fully scripted and played the same way. First, the Lead Detective (that’s you) sets the scene of the crime and implicates all the characters (played by party guests) as suspects. Then each round starts with a new piece of evidence that’s revealed by the Lead Detective, followed by a series of questions and answers ready by the guests. Once all three rounds have been completed, you will encourage the guests to guess who they think the killer is before the final statements are read and the killer is revealed.


- Compensation: $250 for each in-person party you host or $150 if you're cast an additional actor (NOT a hosting role). (Please note, you will receive additional compensation if major travel is required)


  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You have availability either during weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends
  • You love being in front of a crowd and have no problem being the star of the show
  • You have improv and/or emcee/hosting experience
  • You can take command of a crowd to ensure the party runs smoothly and progresses


  • We create Murder Mystery Games with unique and fun themes for corporate and personal parties
  • We are theater people ourselves and LOVE working with actors to create awesome experiences for our clients
  • We want to empower our hosts to increase their income potential by not only hosting the parties we book, but by providing our hosts the tools they need to go out and proactively book parties in their local area as well as virtually
  • We thrive on bringing people together for killer experiences run by actors who love what they do
  • We are an inclusive employer and are looking for hosts of all ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and more!


To submit yourself for the opportunity to become one of our Murder Mystery Party Hosts, please do the following:

1. Select one of the Detective monologues below and send us a self tape performing the monologue. Please also introduce yourself and let us know a little bit about you and any experience you have with improv/hosting/emcee. We want to get to know you!

2. Then fill out our Host Hiring application form HERE. Please be prepared to upload your monologue self-tape at the end of the application form.


Detective Leo Tarrds here, Malibu County Police Department. Shoppers were treated to a rude awakening Friday night when the body of real estate entrepreneur Whit Wiley was found floating in the fountain at the newly opened Waterside Galleria. The victim evidently drowned in the fountain. His fans and supporters were shocked to learn that that was not, in fact, his real hair, which was found floating nearby.Our investigation has turned up a slew of suspicious suspects, as Mr. Wiley boasted not only an impressive alleged net worth, but he also amassed his fair share of enemies along the way. The Wiley family business empire is far reaching. They’ll put their name on anything and everything, including malls, casinos, apartment and office buildings, luxury goods, weight loss supplements and even meat products.The Wiley Waterside Galleria Mall had just opened to the Malibu public that same day, so someone really had a bone to pick with the deceased. Though I can’t say I blame them - the guy seemed like a real jerk to me. Still, we gotta find out who did the deed, and why...


This is Detective Drood requesting backup on Broadway. I was attending opening night of the new musical, Murder in the First, when shots were fired just before curtain. Suspects are still backstage at the Billboard Theater being held for questioning.The deceased was readily identified by suspects and fans as none other than big-time Broadway Producer, Mr. Jack Bialystock. The cause of death is determined to be a gunshot wound in the back. There are no eye witnesses to the murder, but many prying eyes on the body.I am about to take statements from suspects who are all quite perturbed by tonight’s happenings, many of whom think the show must go on! This is simply speculation, but I’m sensing that the deceased may not have been very popular with the cast and crew. One of you killed him before the curtain could rise . . . but who?!

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