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How-To: Change Your Zoom Background

How-To: Change Your Zoom Background

Hosting a Broadway Murder Mysteries game night for your family and friends can be a breeze! All of our murder mystery parties are designed to be played by 4-20 people. ALL 20 roles have full motives and ANY of the characters could be the murderer. Our games contain everything you need to host and run your murder mystery party- including the subject of this week’s “How-To” blog: Instructions on how to change your Zoom background!

Let’s start with instructions for your iOS or Android device:

The Zoom app is built in such a way that it works the same across Android and iOS devices. So, whether you have an Android phone/tablet, an iPhone, or an iPad, things work the same across the board. Keep in mind that you’ll have to be in a meeting to enable the Virtual Background. Also, make sure that the video is enabled by selecting Start Video.

1.    While in a meeting, go to More

2.    Then, select Virtual Background

3.    If you’ve never uploaded a custom background, you’ll have the same three backgrounds available, as listed below:

4.    However, by selecting the plus icon, you can add any photo from your phone and turn it into a background

Here are instructions for Mac, Chromebook, and Windows:

Zoom is available across platforms.However, there is no app or add-on for Chrome OS so you won’t be able to use Zoom in the app form. To change your virtual background on Zoom, you’ll have to access it on an app. So, even with the Zoom web app, you won’t be able to change the virtual background on a Chromebook.

For PCs and Macs, however, things are fairly easy. All you need is the Zoom app, which is available for free on and a web browser.

By default, your account settings should have the virtual backgrounds option enabled. Just to be safe, before proceeding to use the app, make sure that the virtual background option is enabled.

1. Go to

2.    Sign in to your account

3.    Navigate to My Account

4.    From the left bar, select Settings

5.    Scroll down to the Virtual background entry.

6.    Flip the switch on

7.    Check the box next to Allow use of videos for virtual backgrounds

Once you’ve enabled virtual backgrounds on your account, you can move on to using the Zoom app to tweak your virtual background settings. Zoom apps for Windows and macOS look and function in the same way. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to have at least Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.9.

1.    Open the Zoom app

2.    Select the cog icon below your account photo in the upper-right corner or click the profile icon and go to Settings

3.    In the window that pops up, navigate to the panel on the left

4.    Select Background & Filters

5.    You should immediately see the sample of your webcam feed

6.    Under Virtual Backgrounds, you’ll be able to select three backgrounds

7.    From here, you’ll be able to choose from various filters. You can also add a custom picture or video by clicking the plus icon in the top-right corner of the backgrounds/filters section.


We hope these tips have inspired you to host your very own Zoom Murder Mystery Party Couple’s Night! For more tips and tricks on virtual play, click here. To hire our Private Party Host to coordinate your entire event from start to finish.  

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