FUN FACT: Here at Broadway Murder Mysteries, we host LIVE events in addition to our classic game files and Murder Mystery Membership! From theatrical performances to in-person parties, we offer a variety of immersive experiences that are guaranteed to leave you and your guests dying for more!


Our immersive madcap murder mystery, Murder in the First, recently took its final bow at SoHo Playhouse after a thrilling Off-Broadway run! A true crime and theater enthusiast’s dream, this highly-anticipated theatrical tour de force left audiences on the edge of their seats… but did the murders stay on stage? 

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Speaking of immersive performances… you don’t want to miss Terror in Tinseltown at The Velvet Martini Lounge in Los Angeles! Step back in time and immerse yourself in the glamor of old Hollywood as you indulge in cocktails with a twist, dance the bunny hug, AND work together to solve this thrilling Jazz Age whodunnit. Get tickets now to our upcoming performance on Thursday, July 27th at 7pm (PDT)!

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Not located in LA? Join us at our 80’s Roller Rink Event at Skyline Park in Denver! Strap on those skates because it’s 1988, and the Podunk Roller Rink is filled with teens showing off their shoulder pads and mullets. But when the body of the new kid in town is found, it’s up to you to identify his murderer… but what if the killer is YOU? Get tickets now to this totally tubular event on Friday, July 28th at 7pm (MDT)!

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Last but certainly not least, you’re invited to Death at the Disco, an exclusive murder mystery and dance party in NYC. The year is 1978, the height of the disco era, and professional, political, and personal conflicts arise, someone will pay the price. But don’t worry, the party must go on. Show off your “killer” disco dance moves of the 70s, or drop it like it’s hot with today’s best music. Get tickets now to this groovy event on Saturday, September 16th at 9pm (EDT)!

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