NEW RELEASE: The Real-ish Housewives of the Trailer Park

NEW RELEASE: The Real-ish Housewives of the Trailer Park

Let the drama begin!

We’d like to officially introduce our brand-new reality tv-themed murder mystery game, The Real-ish Housewives of the Trailer Park!

CLICK HERE to play now!

There are now TWO ways to play . . .

  1. To self-host this game with our digital download game kit, click here to download and host your own party anytime!
  2. To play LIVE with one of our professional hosts on Zoom, click here to book your virtual party now for 7pm or 9pm ET any night of the week! You can all be in-person with our host on Zoom, or it can be a fully virtual party.

PLUS, all of our newly released games now include the following new features:

  • New print-friendly file formats for in-person parties! (fewer pages, less ink and paper!)
  • New Host and Guest Dashboards for easy access to game files, evidence videos, bonus materials, costume suggestions (including links to buy costumes on Amazon!), and more!

We're very excited about these new features and tools that are designed to make your planning and playing experience truly killer!


It’s the final callback for a new season of Real-ish Housewives. This version is set in a giant manufactured home complex, with neighborhoods for various income levels. Numerous auditions were held to find the right combination of housewives to create the fireworks and backstabbing that the show demands. The cast and crew shuffle around, waiting nervously for the callback to start. Where is the hostess and last year’s housewife, Felicia Bye? Suddenly there’s a noise from the catwalks overhead and then a body plummets to the ground. It is Felicia Bye, with a real knife in her back! It’s clearly murder, but whodunit?

Could it have been—YOU?

There's only one way to find out… grab your sneakers or stilettos and gather your neighbors to play The Real-ish Housewives of the Trailer Park today!

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