How to Play a Murder Mystery Game with Broadway Murder Mysteries

How to Play a Murder Mystery Game with Broadway Murder Mysteries

Are you ready to throw a killer murder mystery party that will have your friends dying for an invite? 

All our murder mystery party games come as a digital download with all the files you need to play the game you’ve purchased. 

It’s super easy to download and print out the game files and then you’re ready to get started. Next, start by reading the Host Guide if you’re throwing your party in person or the Virtual Host Guide if you plan to play via Zoom or another video chat platform. 


The instructions are super detailed and simple to follow and cover everything you need to know from information about each character so that you can assign your guest a role they’ll love, to how to play each round, and even how to assign the murderer in secret at the start of the game. 

Because the murderer is assigned at the start of the game you’ll never run the risk of having to guess playing the murderer cancel last minute and ruin the party. Plus you can play the game multiple times because the killer always changes.

Once your guests have arrived and you’re ready to play, you’ll start with a detective introduction video provided which is performed by a professional Broadway actor.


Then each character playing will be instructed to read their introduction statement revealing where they were when the murder happened and often how they knew the deceased.


Next, there are three rounds of gameplay that begin with the detective revealing a new piece of evidence and then a series of questions and answers amongst the characters present.


At the end of the third round, it’s time for all the characters and guests to guess who they think the killer is.

Finally, each character will read their final statement revealing their innocence with the murderer going last revealing their motive for the crime and what really happened.


Whoever guessed the murderer correctly wins! Make your party even more fun by giving out awards at the end like best actor, best accent, or best costume.


And that’s it! You’re ready to host a killer murder mystery party for friends, family, or coworkers with Broadway Murder Mysteries!

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