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The Killer Art of Getting Into Character

The Killer Art of Getting Into Character

You have been invited to one of our KILLER murder mystery parties - congrats! You’re in for a treat! It’s time to step into the spotlight and solve the mystery. Not familiar with the limelight? Here are some tips and tricks to consider when developing your character before you play one of our games!

The Accent:

You’ve been assigned a character with details on their background. Do they come from somewhere different than you? Perfect! Have fun researching slang, accents, and history from there. Using a voice different than your own always helps make getting into character easier. You truly transform into a new person. If your character doesn’t have an accent but you feel compelled to jump into a new way of speaking, feel free to explore that! How you play is up to you, so have fun!


The Look:

One of our favorite parts of the game is the ability to fully dress up like the characters in the story! Don’t know where to start? Let’s think top to bottom:

-How does your player do their hair? Do they gel it or style it in pin curls? Do they have a middle part or a mullet? (or no hair at all!)
-Now makeup isn’t just for vanity, it can also be used to tell a story! You could put dark circles under your eyes for an insomniac or “dirt” on your face if your character is a gardener.
-Are their nails painted with crazy designs or are they well-kept?
-Now attire to our parties is always a must, we are dressing to impress here! Grab the box of old costumes in your basement and see which articles you already own speak to you for the character you’re playing. Not finding things you love for your look? Shop for some pieces that’ll really make your costume pop!

Though each character has a guide on what to wear based on the theme you’re playing in we also support all interpretations of your character! Whatever way makes you feel like you can step into the role that best suits you is right!


The Quirks:

Now that you feel confident playing a part in this story, let’s get quirky with it! Here are some places to start:

-Talks in the third person

-Obsessed with hygiene, grooming, appearance

-Overly enthusiastic about everything Talks in the third person

-Overly emotional, will cry at just about anything

-Easily Offended

-Paces while they think

-Suspicious of everyone, always giving people the side eye

-Taps chin or nose while thinking

-Has a unique laugh

-Clears throat constantly

Acting in a role can be scary but making it a little more fun by encouraging these playful moments with your character can help make the process a little bit easier to jump into!


Character Motivation: 

While you are mingling about and speaking to other players (or if you're on video chat), pay attention to what your character would want out of the interaction. It would be best if you justified your character's actions. If your character bio states you are a nurturing, caring friend to everyone - don't start being nasty to others - it just doesn't make sense. Why would your character be motivated to do that? On the flip side, if you are playing a villainous character - own it. Your actions, in this case, must always be self-serving.
We hope these tricks helped you become more inspired to play one of your Broadway Murder Mystery games! Remember, There is no right or wrong way to act a character, most importantly this is all a game, and you are there to have fun!

 Now get to sleuthing! 🔍

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