Spotlight On: Upcoming Themes

Spotlight On: Upcoming Themes

This week we highlight our BRAND NEW “Upcoming Themes” page and our MARCH RELEASES!

Our murder mystery games are meant to be played at home or via Zoom (or other video chat apps) and self-hosted. We do also offer our hosting party packages for groups that prefer a full-service murder mystery experience. You can learn more and submit a party request HERE.

Green with Envy:

Killed at the St. Patrick’s Day Bash

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day at the Good Times Pub, and there’s a big crowd. But there’s always a big crowd for the Pub Quiz night, which just happens to fall on March 17th this year.

Three championship teams are playing tonight. The usual announcer, Mello Tones, is emceeing, joined by tonight’s special guest host, the strangely elfin Potto Golde. The pub owner, Undine Thumb, is trying to keep the crowd happy with free green beads to wear and cheap green beer to guzzle, but there’s a strange undercurrent beneath the wild shenanigans.

Suddenly there is a scream. One of the barmaids has found the body of Undine Thumb in the back hallway, crushed by kegs of green beer. It was murder!

Whodunit? An oppressed employee, a sore pub quiz loser, a mysterious stranger… or was it—YOU?

A Magical Creatures Mystery Feat. The Easter Bunny!

Every year in the secret realm of Bunnyville, magical creatures from around the world gather for their annual summit. This is supposed to be a time to reconnect with old and new friends, but this year someone (or some creature!) has stolen the Easter Bunny’s magical golden egg!

Kids and adults can both enjoy this enchanted game featuring creatures like fairies, dragons, mermaids, and of course the Easter Bunny!

Who might have taken the magical golden egg- and why?!

Was it the Easter Bunny's jealous and aspirational younger sibling, Hop P. Bunny? Could one of the summit attendees be hiding something, like a desperate desire for MORE magic? Maybe someone thought that the gold could be turned around for some quick cash?

There’s only one way to find out who did it- play THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING GOLDEN EGG!


A High Society Evening of Mystery & Murder

The 187th Annual High Society Debutante Ball is destined to be a night for Charleston’s finest to remember. That is, until high society sweetheart Clara Lodesacash keels over mid-curtsey, in front of all her friends and frenemies.

Who could have ended such a promising young woman’s life so brutally (and publicly)? Was it her oddball older sister, Patricia “Petty” Lodesacash, driven wild by jealousy? Or was it her rival belle of the ball, Quinn Quick? Was it notable southern playboy Shep Sheppard, or one of the Whitehead twins?

Dust off your tuxedo jacket, pour yourself a mint julep, and get ready to come out to society in MURDER AT THE DEBUTANTE BALL.


The town of Highbourne is abuzz. The Prince Regent, Richard, and his wife, Princess Liesl, are on a royal tour of the kingdom. The royal entourage has stopped for two nights at Ridgerton Park, the estate of Lord Bertram. He is hosting a grand dinner for the royal couple and has invited several influential families from nearby. Hopeful young ladies are in attendance to find a wealthy husband. Wealthy young men are avoiding the gold-digging ladies and their pushy mothers. The less fortunate young men are in search of a young lady of large fortune.

At the height of the party, someone screams. Lord Bertram, is in his study, slumped over and dead as a doornail.

Who is responsible for Lord Bertram's death? Was it one of the mothers of the young ladies, who have been fruitlessly trying to marry their daughters to any one of Lord Bertram's sons? Did someone murder him for his money? Or did the butler do it?

The game is afoot, both upstairs AND downstairs, at the Ridgerton Park estate- so watch out! The killer may even be you!


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